We are addicted to engineering the ultimate hunting clothing. We live and dream this stuff, so do you want to know what we would use for our autumn system?

At the Hunters Element office we look forward to autumn, its the time of year which hunting goes into overdrive. The rut kicks off and then it leads into duck shooting. The weather is all over the place, it can be hot and sunny one day and cold and wet the next. The mornings can start off in the single digits and then hit late teens to twenties in the middle of the day. We need a system can handle this large temperature variance. 


Base Layer - next to skin: Crux Top - The ultimate all round base layer this is the mainstay of our autumn system and gets the most use. Protects you from the harsh midday sun SPF 50+.

Mid Layer - insulation:  Edge Top - The ultimate all round mid layer. This top is the mid layer for all occasions. 

Outer Layer  - Cuts wind and/or rain:

Traverse Jacket - Cuts wind, breathes like nothing else, deadly quiet. Awesome piece of kit when layered with the Crux Top or when its cold add the Edge Top for more insulation. 

Odyssey Jacket - When the weather turns bad this will keep out all the elements. We keep this in our pack at all times, it's a key survival tool.


Next to Skin: Macaulay Trouser - Keeps our skinny white legs covered without overheating. Some of use prefer Hydrapel Shorts and Blizzard Leggings.

Outer Layer: Odyssey Trouser - Keeps out the elements and with the side zippers is easy to put on over your boots and gaiters. Great for keeping your arse dry when glassing for extended periods.

Torque Belt - A must to stop your pants falling down!


Boron Cap - The ultimate in Hunters Element style.

Kayan Neck Gaiter - A must to conceal your face when stalking.

Hydrapel Gloves - Keep the hands hidden. Nothing gives us away as danger more than our uncovered faces and hands.


Pinnacle Gaiters - Simply the most comfortable slim fitting gaiter.

Zulu Boot - Our toughest most durable boot that can handle all conditions.


Important note: Don't wear cotton in your layering system. Merino does work in a layering system but we prefer not to use it as it does not dry fast enough when wet it gets wet from sweat or rain.

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